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29 October 2023

Birth chart Reading
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Black History Month in the UK

What is the keynote panel discussion about?

Untying the Knots that Bind


This is an internal process that sets the scene for health and well-being. 

Can we experience deep peace and calm in the face of our challenging and rapidly changing world?  Self-compassion and unconditional love can break the cycle of pain inherited through our ancestral lineage. Let’s explore the impact of trauma on our collective consciousness”.

Everything starts from within and severing the knots that bind us is an internal process that sets the scene for health and well-being on all three levels of awareness.

Mbeke Waseme is a is a Writer, International Educational Consultant, Coach, and Trainer. She has lived and worked in Cameroon, Ghana, Jamaica, the UK, and Malaysia. She has a body of articles that have appeared in Black Business and Culture Magazine, Pambazuka, the Alarm Magazine and 72M Magazines. Her most recent publication,  ‘How to Live, Work and Thrive abroad successfully’ serves as a valuable guide for those aspiring to navigate the challenges and opportunities of living and working in foreign lands 

Central to Mbeke’s philosophy is the belief in the integral connection between mind, body, spirit and physical health. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining these aspects of well-being as the foundation for pursuing and enjoying all the things that bring us happiness and contentment. Her holistic approach to life is an inspiration to many.

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Pearl Jordan, is the Founder of The Rhythmic Remedy™ a movement inspired, holistic approach to Personal and Professional Development.  As a Performance and Wellbeing Specialist, presenter, writer, coach, and inspirational speaker, Pearl is known for bringing joy, energy and enthusiasm to any stage.


John McConnel, is a stress management trainer and former prison governor and social worker who has helped many depressed and/or stressed people in his life, including himself!. He has been studying and teaching raja yoga meditation for nearly 30 years. He has a strong interest in the practical application of spiritual principles and insights in daily life and conducts workshops in this country and abroad on a variety of personal development topics with a view to enabling people to improve the quality of their life and help change the world.

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What are the creative workshops?


using art to release
and set you free
with Pearl 

Journey through the fire by using the medium of Art - leaving trauma behind.

Pearl was brought up in a large, traditional, Jamaican household in Wolverhampton.  She started painting for herself in 2010, and began sharing her work, and painting with others when she felt confident enough to call herself an artist.  Using mainly acrylics, she paints from imagination, life experiences, desires and dreams on a foundation of love.  Trans-traumation: using art to release and set you free

Instagram: artsofblackpearl     Facebook:  Arts of Black Pearl


Meditative Movements
with Shantanu Mandal

Each and every movement is a reflection of us, our inner world. Our movements resonate with our connection with our own self and the energies we are surrounded with. In this session we will delve into some practical demonstrations of how with a loving relationship with our body and mind we can experience peace, power and positivity.

Shantanu is the Youth representative of the Brahma Kumaris to UN Environment Program Major Group for Children and Youth

He has practiced Raja Yoga for 20 years. He has a background in fashion design and holds a second bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.  His main interest lies in exploring how the values of benevolence and compassion can reflect in environmental work and holistic activism.


Flourishing Tranquility
with Ella Matheson

What else is possible to reveal more of your innate gifts to the world? Explore techniques ancient artists  have utilised for millennia with 5 Elements to co-create impactful alchemical relationships.


After the session, you will be able to 

lead with authenticity and purpose harnessing innate tools and insights aligned with your values and intentions to easily inspire others and live with inclusivity and wholeness.

Ella is a Compassion Consultant, and Conscious Activist to establish a United Kingdom Ministry of Peace.   Recipient of the Dadi Janki 100 Women of Spirit award in 2016.  A Trustee of the (Desmond) Tutu Foundation UK, and a Facilitator for the Prem Rawat Peace Education Programme

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Sunday 29 October 2023 - 2:00 to 5:00 pm (BST)
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