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30 January 2021

Birth chart Reading
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What is the event about?

This event is an opportunity to honour and embrace the values inherent in the experiences that shape and connect us. It provides a sacred space for healing and for nurturing peace, through which we can rejuvenate and co-create Oneness as a response to the call of our time.

Watch this preview video!

Fatima Dike is an inspiring storyteller, writer and playwright from South Africa. She was born in Langa, a suburb of Capetown, and lives there to this day. It inspires her writing; life on the streets, gossip and flirtations, children at play all add to the tapestry of storytelling and the story of her own Xhosa people.

In 1976 when the country was aflame with protest, she witnessed the march by students of Langa High School in support of students of Morris Isaacson High School who started the student uprising in Soweto. During that march on 11th August 1976 a young male student named Xolile was shot and killed.  This became the basis of Fatima's play Glasshouse.  Incidences like this drove her into exile, spending four years in New York where she learned she was a writer.  Her story tells of life lived in Apartheid, the awareness, growth and path of a person determined to be in theatre. 


Today she runs the Siyanago Theatre Group which she co-founded, assisting young writers skirt the problems she encountered on the path to realizing her dreams. She sees a spiritual foundation as a very important part of this path.


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Saturday 24th April 2021 - 2:00 to 5:30 pm (GMT)
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