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Strengthening Ubuntu - October 2020

The Strengthening Ubuntu event was a great success.  One participant commented that, “I feel that a powerful seed has been planted and it really is the time to bridge the gap”.  Another asked, “Could you share this retreat?  Beautiful history and more to learn from this abundant rich knowledge and culture".  A third person stated simply, "Truly magical….Such Oneness".  It was based on this success the decision was made to come together in the spirit of humanity four times a year to host and accommodate cultural and racial perspectives on oneness in collaboration with individuals and groups already on their unique spiritual paths.  Follow               to see some video clips from the first event.

Six months ago
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Honouring Wisdom - January 2021

We recently hosted this event with Fatima Dike from South Africa.

Keep checking this space for videos and reports from that event.

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Healing Hearts and Minds  April 2021

9 months ago

We hosted a lovely event on 24 April 2021 - Healing Hearts and Minds - moving on in oneness.  A number of wonderful facilitators joined us for creative healing workshops - click on the link below for more information and some video clips from the event.

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